Ann Price, CEO and Founder, Motek, Inc.

Ann Price is changing the way companies run their warehouses and distribution centers. As CEO of Motek, a Beverly Hills, California software company, Ann is also revolutionizing quality of life in the workplace.


Ann began her technology career as a General Electric Consulting Services consultant in 1982. Initially her work involved implementing large IBM mainframe systems. Placed in Jack Welch’s fast track management program, Ann quickly found herself directing corporate projects, first an inventory project for Southern California Edison, at that time the largest IBM installation on the West Coast, and later for Transamerica Financial.


Excited by the advent of the PC, Ann designed, developed and implemented the first Los Angeles micro-computer curricula for a private university and conducted evening classes as well as in-house seminars for a university's extension program. She subsequently implemented her courses in several large corporations including GE, SCE, Transamerica, MCA Universal, Blue Cross, and Hilton. Ann’s program was later embraced by the Los Angeles School District.


At age 24, Ann left GE to become an independent consultant. Sensing market opportunities related to newly developed PC local area networks, PC-mainframe integration, and corporate downsizing, Ann developed a business plan and secured $2 million in venture capital to build a consulting company focused on these issues. As Ann grew that business and watched her investors reap the rewards she resolved to build and fund her own company on her own terms.


Perceiving new opportunities emerging in specialized vertical market applications, Ann decided to capitalize on her early experience with supply chain software. Her original exposure to inventory systems made her aware that less than 10% of America’s warehouses were automated. Her search for warehouse automation software confirmed that this was due to the lack of viable off-the-shelf solutions. In 1990, Ann created Motek to capture that market opportunity. Since then Motek has successfully provided industry leaders in grocery, liquor, soap, and electricity with an off-the-shelf PC warehouse software solution that allows them to change the way they do business forever. Ann also enables Motek’s customers to improve the quality of their lives.


Ann Price is as noted for her management practices as she is for her company’s products and services. Recognized by the Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine for implementing innovative employee benefit plans, Ann is famous for building work environments that improve quality of life and respect diversity. Ann’s speaking engagements include: California Governor Pete Wilson’s Call To Action Conference, Good Morning America (ABC), and The Site (MNBC). Ann was featured in a book titled Lean & Meaningful and is also a frequent speaker at YEO (Young Entrepreneur Organization) and TEC (The Executive Committee). Her affiliations include: YEO, TEC, NAFE, NAWBO, the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, and Birthing of Giants at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Ann Price is a hero. Ann Price is an industry veteran with more than sixteen years of experience in the
software industry serving as Technical Consultant, Project Manager, Director of Sales and Marketing, Vice President, and now, as President and Chief Executive Officer of Motek.

As Information Systems Consultant for General Electric Consulting Services, she managed large IS teams in Fortune 1000 companies. As Vice President of Skilled CompuPeople, Ann was responsible for the start up of this international corporation's first U.S. division in the early 80's.

She developed and implemented the first Los Angeles microcomputer curriculum for a private university and conducted evening classes and in-house seminars for the university's extension program. She subsequently implemented this same program in several large corporations including GE, SCE, Transamerica, MCA Universal, Blue Cross, and Hilton. Her curriculum was later studied by the Los Angeles School District.


Her business philosophy is based on total customer commitment. Ann insists "It is not enough to provide business solutions to faceless entities. We must make a difference in the lives of real men and women." To that end, Ann is dedicated to furthering the careers of the people Motek serves. As a result, it is not unusual to see pictures of Motek customers in magazines or newspapers. Many of Motek's customers have been promoted or recognized within their organizations as people who shape their companies' futures and help them gain a competitive advantage.

Ann has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal for attracting and retaining world class technical talent. She has become famous for her commitment to quality of life in the work place. One-month vacations, catered lunches, and other unusual benefits ensure that "Motek is not a software sweatshop!" Her TV appearances include Good Morning America (ABC),The Site (MSNBC), and Channel 22 Business News. Her speaking engagements include California Governor Pete Wilson's "Call to Action Conference", "Striking a Balance Conference", and Young Entrepreneur's Organization (YEO). She has also made several radio guest appearances.

Price's "new paridigm for the relationship between the organization and the employees" has been featured in the books "Lean and Meaningful, A New Culture for Corporate America" by Roger E. Herman and Joyce L. Gioia and "The Stuff of Heroes" by William A. Cohen.

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